Car Shopping: A Quick Update

white lexus sedan
Photo by Toms Svilans on

After a lot of deliberation, I decided not to buy a car this weekend. Buying a car is a huge purchase and it gave me a lot of anxiety. They were able to fix the issue with my car and I got it back on Wednesday at no cost to me. Which essentially makes me up $500/month!

I haven’t totally given up on buying a new car. The repair has hopefully bought me a couple of months.  Ideally, my car will last me until about March and the car hunt will resume!

I have added a couple of cars to my shopping list. I enjoyed driving my uncle’s Kia Optima while my car was in the shop. I don’t know much about Kias but I was pleasantly surprised by my uncle’s. However, at this point probably anything is nicer than my car. I also added the Camry to my list since Camry and Lexus have the same parent company and are basically the same car. I also like the Honda Accord and Nissan Altima well enough. Now I actually have time to do some research and test drives to make an educated decision.

Finally, I talked to my auto insurance peeps to get an estimate about how much my insurance will change if I do buy my 2016 Lexus ES. My insurance would only increase by about $40/month so that’s not horrible.

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