Harry Potter Finances

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Last year for Christmas, my husband got me the Harry Potter Blu Ray box set and it is honestly probably one of the best gifts I’ve ever received. I can have a HP weekend whenever I feel like it. And since it is now September and the weather was slightly cool this weekend, it felt like a good time to have one.

It’s interesting to watch HP with a financial mindset. In the first movie Hagrid takes Harry to Gringotts where they show his vault to have a fair sum of gold in it. I’m curious how Harry’s parents amassed such a large amount of wealth at what seems like relatively early ages. Google says Harry’s parents were only 21 when they died. Meaning they were only four years out of Hogwarts. Their salary must have been insane.

In contrast, the Weasley’s poor financial situation is touched on a couple of times. For example, in the first movie Ron can’t afford any treats from the trolley. In book 2 Ron has to tape his wand together because his family cant afford to replace it. Their financial situation, however, is most evident to me in the fourth book. There are multiple examples, but my favorite is when the characters attend the Yule Ball and Ron puts on his ‘dress’ robes, which have lace accents. When Ron asks Mrs. Weasley why Harry’s dress robes are so much better, she basically says its due to cost.

I think it’s unfortunate that the movie doesn’t expand on Ron’s feelings about money. In the movie, it seems like Ron becomes angry with Harry just because Ron thinks Harry put his name in the Goblet without telling Ron how or that he did it. In the book, it’s just a tipping point to a squabble that was already brewing, at least partially due to Harry having more money. The movie also does not mention that the winner of the Triwizard Tournament wins a butt ton of money. Since the movie doesn’t explain any of this, Ron comes off looking like a jerk. And since the movie doesn’t address the Triwizard money, it doesn’t show Harry giving the money to Fred and George to start their joke shop, which would obviously have some kind of cost associated with start up.

So I’m curious, were the Weasley kids scholarship kids? A quick Google search tells me that J.K. Rowling has said Hogwarts is free. Even if Hogwarts is free, there is still a cost to attend. The first movie explicitly shows Harry going to Gringotts to get money to purchase a cauldron, wand, etc. The Weasley’s had 7 kids. I can assume that some things may be hand me downs, like robes and cauldrons. But I hope that the curriculum would change over the ten years they had kids so in theory they would need new books at some point. And who knows the shelf life on a cauldron? They would also have to buy wands for all 7 kids. And twice for Ron. Were they able to pay for these things, but only barely? Do the Weasley’s secretly have a mountain of debt?

Basically, I have reached a point where I can relate anything back to money, and I have questions! Do you have any thoughts on the matter? Let me know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Harry Potter Finances

  1. The Potter’s money would have made interest all those years so that explains some. Also, it’s never said what the Potter’s occupations are and that would explain more.
    The Weasley’s live paycheck to paycheck. Having what they need and planning but unexpected things come up. (ex. Ron’s broken wand.)


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