Anniversary Trip Part 2

haystack rock

A and I got back from our anniversary trip yesterday! We had a good time but some of my budget estimates were off.

Food: $521.32. We ate out every meal starting Sunday breakfast through Saturday lunch. I was so ready to eat at home by the end of it. A and I don’t eat out as often as we used to and our bellies definitely aren’t used to it anymore.

Fun: $117.76. Fun included visiting the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, tequila shots, whiskey shots, and the Space Needle. The OMSI was $34 including parking. There was a section that was very hands on that we enjoyed and spent an hour doing just that part.  We found El Matador that was a tequila bar and spent $24 trying two premium shots.  We spent $58 trying two whiskey shots and spending some time at the Bull Run Distillery where we tried several different whiskeys and vodkas.  We spent $58 at the Space Needle which was definitely worth it. We went up at 6:30pm and got to see the sunset. The cost of the tickets also includes a free photo. We got slightly reduced tickets because they were doing renovations.  This amount also included buying premade magargita from the liquor store.

Baggage: $25. This wasn’t an expense I hadn’t budgeted for.  I tried to fit my clothes into a carry on bag but it just wasn’t happening.  We ended up using one big piece of luggage for both A and I. American Airlines charges $25 per carry on bag.

Rental car: $312. I was way off on my rental car estimate.  We picked up the car on from Portland airport on Sunday and returned it on to the Seattle airport on Saturday from Enterprise.

Gas: $62.31. Another expense I hadn’t accounted for. This was one and a half tanks. We drove around each city some plus it took three hours to drive from Portland to Seattle. We also drove to Cannon Beach in Oregon one day. It was about three hours round trip.

Parking: $37.42.  Yet another expense I hadn’t accounted for.  We only paid about $10 for parking in Portland. The rest of it we spent in Seattle where you had to pay for parking everywhere. However, we definitely spent more money the first day because we didn’t drive around very long checking parking pricing. We found some spots that were as low as $1.50/hour.

We definitely enjoyed Portland, Oregon more than we liked Seattle, Washington (sorry Seattle!). Portland was definitely more our speed. We enjoyed ‘hiking’ Mt. Tabor and imagined taking our dogs there. Portland had so many beautiful colorful trees. Plus we found a tequila bar and whiskey bar right next to each other which is kind of our thing.  We tried Pour Que No for tacos and margaritas which I definitely recommend for margaritas.  In Seattle it was more of a grab bag. We went to Kerry Park, Space Needle, Volunteer Park, Pike Place Market and the Great Wheel. There was more to see in Seattle but as a Texan, I felt like the parking situation was just awful. I definitely like having a dedicated parking place for businesses. Overall, we both had a good time but we were definitely ready to be home! We missed our pups and cats.

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