November Budget Update

november goals.PNG

I had three goals for November: 1. Buy Christmas presents, 2. Pay off an additional $1000 in debt, and 3. don’t go over budget. I only really accomplished the first goal. I bought the big ticket items but I still have a few more little things to get.  I’m looking forward to giving my dad his gift. I think he’ll really like it. I also think I’ve made a decision on what gift to get my neighbors and coworkers! My neighbors have out gifted me two years running. I’m coming for them this year.

Goal number 2 was to pay an additional $1000 in debt. I was pretty freaking close on this one. It ended up being an extra $800 towards debt. So I didn’t hit the goal of $1000 but I’m not disappointed. Any extra money towards debt still gets it paid off faster!

Goal number 3 was don’t go over budget.


Obviously this didn’t pan out. We went over on pet food and supplies mostly because we bought dog food on the 1st and the 29th. Normally one bag of dog food lasts the entire month. Also we ended up buying some ‘paw smoother’ for the good dog because he has the scratchiest paws and were tired of getting destroyed by his feet. Utilities were higher than normal because our heat uses gas. My electricity bill is always $28 unless I go over 1000 kilowatt hours. My gas bill is harder to guesstimate and I’m much more heat tolerant than I am to the cold. Alcohol and bars is way over because… well adulting is hard and there was a holiday in there. Don’t judge.  The other two categories are only a little off. Movies and dvds normally usually only includes Netflix but on Black Friday Hulu was running a deal and I caved. It was $1 per month for 12 months for their ‘with commercial’ subscription and I just couldn’t pass it up! I have been wanting to watch This Is Us since I starting seeing all the fan fare on Facebook.  So far, it does not disappoint. There are also a couple other shows on there that the hubby and I will watch so hopefully it will be worth the extra $1 per month.

My December debt goals are not as lofty. December is an expensive month for me, regardless of it being Christmas. My car registration is due in December so that will be $88 plus $30 for an inspection. My XM subscription is also due in December. Right now I’m still on the fence about renewing. I started using Spotify and I like it a lot more. If I renew XM, it will be about $140 for the year.  I’m also thinking about treating my car to a nice Car Spa visit. I think that will run about $300… maybe? I’m hoping that look good, feel good also applies to cars. I’ve been saving my mileage reimbursement checks from work so I will probably pull it out of that savings. I guess that makes my December goals normal administrative life stuff, treat yo car right, and enjoy the holiday/upcoming vacay days.

In other news, I opened up a second savings account this week! Only having one savings account was getting a little confusing when the money I transfer has so many different goals. My monthly transfers look like this: $300 for vacation, $120 for car insurance, and whatever I end up getting for mileage reimbursement checks. My one savings account also holds my $1000 emergency fund. I decided to open up a second savings account so it will be more clear to me what funds I have for each goal.

Tune in next week to read about that one time I got scammed!


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