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In order to get my next promotion at work, I have to pass a series of four tests.  The first one is relatively easy. The second test is what holds everyone up.  The second test only has a 60% pass rate. It’s a “big deal” because if you fail the test twice, you get let go.  A lot of people leave before they even take the test once and a lot of people decide not to take the test a second time after failing the first.  For the past year, I have done basically nothing except prepare for this test.  A lot of my coworkers and my boss were very supportive, but some of them were not so much. They told me I was rushing taking it and they didn’t think I was ready.  But instead of listening to the negativity, I studied. And I read. And I took notes. I received a lot of feedback and criticism.  Ultimately, I took the test this past week and I PASSED. Not only did I pass, I actually did really well, better than I or my workers expected.  It was such an incredible feeling.  Now that part is done and I never have to do it again.  I also gained a little bit of bragging rights.  There are two more tests to get through but they are usually considered to be much easier than the test I just took.  I’m expecting to take tests 3 and 4 in April and May and then I will be done!  I can’t wait.

When I got hired, I signed an agreement saying I would get this promotion by my 7th year with the job. I didn’t think I would last long enough to get to this point. I wasn’t sure about the job, the travel, or the testing process. But the longer I’ve been there, the more comfortable I’ve become.  Its crazy to think that I’m here now and so close to getting through this process. It will mean a lot less stress for me going forward.  Not only will I not have to study anymore, I will also have gained some job security.  My job places a lot of value in getting through the testing process. 

The closer I get to my promotion, the closer I get to my next car also!

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