February Budget Review

February ended up being a great month! I passed a test at work and got the next two parts scheduled. I will hopefully be done about halfway through May! We also tried a new tequila to celebrate my victory and finally made it out to dinner after three failed attempts. The first night we tried to go to the same restaurant we went to the night before our wedding but it ended up being closed and we went to Whataburger instead. The next week A ended up being too busy with other things to do. Then we finally went last week.

new tequila

The only thing that was way out of budget was paying $280 for taxes. 😦 When A and I got married, I changed my filing status. When I got my first paycheck, I knew it was too good to be true. But I thought I would let it ride and see how it went. Turned out, I was right and needed to pay in. This is the first time I’ve ever had to pay in and it kind of sucked. On the bright side, I’ve been saving my mileage reimbursement checks from work so I just reallocated that money from there instead of taking it out of my emergency fund.

The rest of the budget looked pretty good. I only went over in dining out and alcohol. Mostly because Clase Azule is a bougie tequila and cost most of the alcohol budget by itself. But I highly recommend it. It’s delicious and one of our favorite tequilas other than Don Julio 1942. We went over in dining out because I went to happy hour with my coworker the night I passed my test. No regrets. 

For March I have a couple of one offs on the budget. First I’m including some money to go shopping which I want to talk about more on next week’s post. Second, I’m including money for home improvements. Part of this is for planned expenses. We want to put in what I’m referring to as ‘cat shelves’. Our good cat likes to jump off the top of the pantry and we’re concerned he’s going to break a hip so we want to put in something like this:

cat shelves

I think it will be cool for the cats. It will give them a new hiding spot to be up away from the dogs. The rest of the money will be for unexpected expenses. We noticed this weekend that our downstairs ceiling is leaking. We pinpointed the problem to our upstairs toilet. Hopefully the repair will be inexpensive. I called in the big guns (my dad) to handle it. Fingers crossed for me! This is what life is like when you buy an old house, unfortunately.

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