Another Vacation Estimate!

grand canyon during sunset
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It’s time for another vacation estimate! Our first vacation of 2019 is to Phoenix/Gilbert, Arizona to go to our friend’s wedding! We leave out on a Friday and will head out late Wednesday or early Thursday. We don’t have any specific plans of what we want to see other than the wedding and probably visit A’s uncle in Surprise.

I’m feeling a little better about this vacation because I’ve been saving up for it for five months at this point, so I have $1500 put away. I will probably put a little more towards it because we plan on renting a car again. Between food, flight and rental car, I expect it to cost more than $1500.

Right now, I expect the flight to be around $700 for both A and I. I looked at flights today but I’m going to wait until Tuesday to book since I’ve heard it’s cheapest to book on a Tuesday.

I always underestimate on food. This time I’m going to guesstimate about $100 per day on food. So I’ll say $600 for that.

Rental car: $300.

Fun: ??  Friday night is the bachelorette party and I got invited (!!) Not sure if that goes in food or fun budget but it’s kind of fluid at this point. The Grand Canyon looks like it’s about four hours away from where we’re staying so I don’t think we’ll do that this time. We mostly just want to explore and see what Arizona is like since it could be home one day. Arizona is so much smaller than Texas so we can explore Gilbert (where the wedding is), Phoenix, Tempe, and Surprise pretty easily because they are all in a one-hour radius.

Hotel: $0. As per usual, I am hoping to not put anything toward hotel cost. I have 157,000 points with Holiday Inn which should be more than enough to book this trip and still have some left over for my next trip. Hotels typically range from 15,000 points to 25,000. Hopefully the trip will cost around 120,000. I will officially book on Tuesday and give an update eventually.

Without putting anything towards the fun budget that puts the trip estimate at about $1600. It’s a little over what I have saved but I can put April’s vacation savings towards the trip too which will be ok. That will give us a little wiggle room in case something exciting comes up. I’m looking forward to the trip. I was built for Arizona temperatures. I will keep you all posted on a final trip cost and what we ended up doing once we get back.

One thought on “Another Vacation Estimate!

  1. if you have time, Sedono is incredable. I think it was once in the top 10 for scenic drives. Can be quick or all day. many look outside, Native Americans set up with jewelry and trinkets. We didn’t do any hiking we were with grandma and Lee.


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