June in Review

June ended up being a crazy but good month. This month I got my first paycheck with my raise. I took a motorcycle safety course, got my license, and bought a bike. I bought a helmet and gloves for the bike. And we had an unbudgeted trip to the vet for the good dog.

My original budget for this month ended up being kind of a mess. I had only budgeted around $50 for shopping. I ended up destroying the shopping budget pretty early on when I spent $200 buying the helmet and gloves. The bike also destroyed my insurance budget because one, it was unbudgeted going into the month and two, it was more than I thought it would be since I am new motorcycle driver. But I was able to lower some of my other spending categories to make up for it.

I had originally budgeted $300 for dining out with the expectation of taking my parents out for a combination of celebrating my promotion and my moms birthday. Instead that got changed to grilling steaks at home. So I only spent $100 dining out this month. Which is pretty good considering our power went out for 24 hours early in the month. We still managed to eat at home even without power because we used the grill and our stove top is gas! Gas appliances for the win! Related, the grocery budget is basically always $400. We spend about $100/week. We overspent this month by $70. Partially due to our power being out and having to replace a ton of groceries, but also partially due to buying nice steaks for our big steak dinner.

Lastly, we spent $170 at the vet taking the good dog in to be checked out. His leg has been popping every time he takes a step for about two months and it hasn’t gotten any better. If anything, it actually seemed like it was getting worse. And the WebMD of the dog world said he had probably torn his meniscus. I was pretty concerned he was going to need surgery. As it would turn out, he’s just getting old and has arthritis, which isn’t necessarily good news, but it’s better than needing surgery.

So as of today, I spent more than I made by $70. That’s not too bad considering all the things that happened this month but it’s definitely not ideal. Hopefully July will treat me better.

Other updates:

Emergency fund is 31% to goal.

Vacation savings is at $1000.

Car maintenance fund is at $1500 after buying a new tire and getting my oil changed

And I calculated my net worth and it’s roughly $100k! A fair portion of this is equity in the house per Zillow though.

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