The Cost of Home Gym

I had been at my job just shy of two years when I realized that my clothes weren’t fitting the same way they used to. I had a harder time buttoning my pants and shirts were tighter around my belly. It wasn’t really surprising. It had been years since I had played soccer last. I didn’t do any other activity. I sat at a desk for 9 hours a day. And I ate out all the time. I went from a size 4 in jeans to a size 8 and was right on the verge of needing to go up another size when I decided that maybe it was time for a change.

I started off slow. I joined the local rec center which was only $15 per month and gave me access to all of the classes there. It was a fine gym for me as a beginner when all I did was spend 30 minutes on the elliptical. But I wasn’t noticing any change in my weight or how my clothes fit. So A convinced me to start lifting weights. It was a great change for my weight and health; not so great of a change for how I used the gym. Gyms tend to have an endless supply of cardio machines and a very very limited supply of free weights and bar bells. There is nothing worse than waiting in line to use a piece of equipment. It was made worse by being a small gym. On top of that, the hours were restricted. They didn’t stay open very late and they might as well not even be open on Sundays. I decided to quit the rec center and join a larger commercial gym.

After having a bad experience with a more reasonably priced gym (they insinuated I was fat), I went straight to the top of the uppity gym food chain and joined Lifetime in February 2017. For both A and I to join the gym it was $107 a month. It was WAY more than I had been paying but it had a large free weight area, more classes, a pool, and most importantly it was open 20 hours a day. At first I loved it. I rarely had to wait to use any equipment and it became something A and I did together. But recently it has become so crowded. They added more squat racks which was great but then they added more classes that used the squat racks, and suddenly they were less available than before. Not only that, the trainers lack any kind of etiquette. I’ve had my workout interrupted multiple times due to the trainers. A and I got fed up and started joking about ‘home gym’. It was all fun and games until I saw a power rack online for only $250, which is a steal. Then we went to the gym one day and it was like it was standing room only. We walked right back out, drove to a local fitness store, bought a ton of weights and home gym became a reality.

Here’s a break down of what we’ve spent so far:

Power rack – $250 Progear brand from Wal Mart

DIY Deadlift platform- $150 for materials but really only $15 out of pockets because we had been saving gift cards from family. We watched this video for the plan:

Olympic barbell – $110 from Titan Fitness. Barbells are mind blowing. The price range is insane. I saw some that cost $500. We heavily considered getting a Rogue bar but ultimately decided on Titan for cost savings. We haven’t had it long but it’s been a great sturdy bar so far.

Weights- $382. This consisted of six 45 pound weights, two 35 pound weights, two 25 pound weights, two 5 pound weights and two 2.5 pound weights. We are still waiting on the 10 pound weights. They were sold out.

Benches- $260. We got a flat bench and an adjustable bench.

Misc stuff- $130. A bought an easy curl bar, a couple of clamps and a close grip handle. We also bought a land mine thing.

Heavy duty resistance bands – $70 from Rogue. This was three resistance bands with resistance of 60, 100, and 140 pounds.

Things we still want: a big mirror and dumbbells. Depending on how many dumbbells we end up with, this will probably cost $500ish.

Total cost so far: $1,232 out of pocket. $1,732 if you count the $500 we haven’t spend yet.

Cost of going to the gym for 30 months: $3210 which doesn’t include drive time or gas costs.

We will need to work out from home about two years for this to really make sense. After that, the equipment will have paid for itself. It’s worked out well so far. I got a work out in after dinner last night when I normally wouldn’t have because I wouldn’t have wanted to drive to the gym.

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