October Budget Update

Well I was absentee on the blog for a couple weeks. October ended up being a busy/stressful month. I had a difficult assignment at work. We made a day trip to Austin. I caught my first cold of the season. There were some personal issues. My car died on me (again). And then to top it all off I got freaking shingles. On my face. I normally really love October but I have to say I’m glad this one is over.

The bright side of all of it is that I did pretty good with my October budget. I only went over in one category: groceries.

I know it shows four categories here but the other three don’t count. Transportation, food, and hotel are all my reimbursable categories for work. When it’s all said and done, I will probably technically be over on dining out too. With my assignment being so difficult, I definitely overindulged on food. I won’t know for sure how it all flushes out until I fill out my travel voucher this week.

I had put aside $125 for fun for our anniversary that we didn’t end up spending. We talked about going to the state fair or maybe Six Flags for Fright Fest but neither one ended up happening. I’m going to let the money roll over and hopefully November will be less busy so we can actually go do something.

My November budget is already done! This weekend was my friend’s bachelorette party so I put aside some money for that. I also put more money into my groceries budget to account for Thanksgiving lunch/dinner. And I budgeted for Black Friday Christmas shopping which is my favorite shopping holiday. I don’t have any ideas on what I’m getting people this year. I’m hoping to find some inspiration which will mean I will probably need to start doing some window shopping and google searching.

I gave myself $100 in allowance money like I talked about several weeks ago (I’m Giving Myself an Allowance). I might end up using some of it to do a Turkey Trot. I’ve talked about doing one every year for four years, and I still haven’t done one. I haven’t kept up with my running so it’s bound to be the death of me.

Anyway, that’s the update! November is looking like a much less hectic month plus I have vacation time coming up the week of Thanksgiving. Should be a good time!

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