Future Home Updates

Sometimes I like to sit and daydream about the things that we will do to our house at some future date (who knows when). We have a long list of improvements we’d like. Some of the list includes kitchen remodel, new floors, wine cooler, covered patios, new fence…. It’s never ending. If you have a house, you know.

All of that stuff is just ‘wants’ as opposed to ‘needs’. Our house is perfectly functioning. But when I start daydreaming, I start imagining blowing out the wall between the kitchen and the living room and having more counter space. My other daydream is not currently seasonally appropriate. I want a nice ‘outdoor living space’. I mean, look at this place:

I love that pavilion. 😍 Imagine some outdoor couches under there, a nice grill, and possibly a big fan to keep it a little cooler in the summer, and I would never come inside. My favorite thing to do in the summer time is sit outside with a book and a margarita. It’s peak relaxation. Last month I drove past a place that had a whole bunch of pavilion structures outside. I decided to pull up the website when I got to where I was going just to see how much they would cost. It turns out, they are sold through Home Depot and they aren’t nearly as much as I thought they would be.

Only $1,921! I don’t have $1,921 in play money right now but it’s only $321 for 6 months! I can save $320 for 6 months! Or save half as much and do it over a year! Anyway I look at it, this is more doable then I thought it would be. In my head I had imagined at least twice as much.

Unfortunately this is still firmly in the want category. I have a lot of things I need to save up for right now, ie my foundation repair. But I’m hoping by summer of 2021 I will be buying this bad boy or something similar! Until then I will continue to daydream.

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