How I Spent My Allowance This Month

Two months ago I talked about giving myself an $100 allowance to buy things from my ever growing wishlist (I’m Giving Myself an Allowance). This month I finally treated myself to a few things.

Bralette – $26. I bought a cute bralette from American Eagle. I wasn’t on the market for a new bra but I forgot to pack one when I went to D.C. in November. I’ve been traveling for five years and I still forgot to pack a bra. This might get it’s own separate post at some point.

Two books- $11. I bought two books from Half Price Books. I try to use Overdrive to rent ebooks from my local library but I’ve almost give up on it at this point. It never fails that they will have the first book in a series, but then they won’t have the rest of the series. If they do have a book, it takes literal months for it to be available due to huge waitlists. They do have physical copies available but it’s not nearly as convenient.

Amazon Firestick and Lightning Cable- $30. We are getting Disney + for free through our Verizon account. I was pretty excited about it. Until I got home and found out our smart TV isn’t able to download new apps and therefore we wouldn’t be able to watch on the TV. Fortunately, I talked to one of my coworkers and he suggested I get a Firestick. They’re normally $40 but they were on sale at Bestbuy for only $20 so I jumped on it. When I was there I also bought a new lightning cable to put in my car to replace my old charger.

Armored motorcycle jacket- $86. I have been wanting an armored jacket but they are EXPENSIVE. Seriously. At the local motorcycle shop, the cheapest one was $250. So I’ve been putting off getting one which is unsafe, I know. My friend who has been very nervous about me riding saw a jacket at a resale shop while she was out and about and sent it to me. The resale store had it for sale for $100. We pulled it up online and a similar jacket was going to be $180.

I asked A if he thought they would take $80 instead of $100. He said it wouldn’t hurt to ask. So we asked, and they accepted! So I got a nice jacket for more than half off what it would’ve been! Plus I look like Tron while I’m wearing it so that adds to my excitement.

You might notice that I said I’m giving myself $100 a month and that these things definitely add up to be more than that ($152). When I saw the motorcycle jacket I decided to jump on it even though I had already spent some of my allowance. But thanks to my budgeting app, I was able to move some money around to cover it! It was nice having the pocket money to finally be able to do some things.

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