A Decade In Review

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It’s the end of a decade so it feels like a good time to reflect. Ten years ago I was a senior in high school. A lot of things have happened since then. Some things have changed but some things are still the same.

It’s almost the ten year anniversary of my house burning down.  I didn’t learn who my ‘true friends’ are, but I did learn how great my friends are.  Even ten years later there are four people who stand out the most. I went to college. I changed majors and switched schools.  I thought about dropping out of college. I worked at a crappy restaurant job that made me realize working in the service industry sucks. I met a man at the crappy restaurant job who would eventually become my husband.  I attended a college career fair where I talked to someone who led me to my current job. I finally graduated college. I got my current job. I adopted three cats and two dog, one of which is a ‘special needs’ pet that has taught me so much about love and patience.  I rented a house. I bought a truck. I bought a house. I paid off my student loans.  I found a love for tequila.  I got engaged and then married shortly thereafter. I ran a half marathon which is not something I had even considered before, much less something I thought I would do. I traveled more than I ever have. I got a big promotion at work. I finally learned how to ride a motorcycle and then bought a motorcycle because I have no impulse control.

It’s honestly been a bit of ride. I’m not where I thought I would be when I was a senior in high school but ultimately, I sit here in the comfort of my home with my warm cuddly pets and I’m content with how everything has turned out. There are still things that could be improved on but that’s life. I’m not sure where the next ten years will take me professionally. There are a few more promotions before I top out and I’ll have to make a decision about where to go from there.  I hope to learn to play piano and speak Spanish.  I hope to go overseas and see Paris, France and Australia and New Zealand.

I’ll be interested to see where the next ten years take me and how many of these goals I end up accomplishing. Ten years ago I didn’t think I would have my own blog to talk about these things but here we are! Thank you all for the last year of blogging and for those three of you who regularly read my posts. I hope the last decade is something you all can reflect on positively.

One thought on “A Decade In Review

  1. I’m so very, very proud of you. Could have done without you growing to love tequila though …LOL.
    My prayer for you is that the next ten years see you grow even more professionally, even closer to “A”, you will have great health, and most of all Jesus Christ will become FIRST in your life.


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